Thousands of pounds are spent on marketing methods each year by companies big and small as they seek to promote new products and services or simply raise brand awareness.

One of the most popular ways to seek brand recognition is by sponsoring corporate events. If you can create an event that not only meets its strategic objectives, but cultivates an environment that supports those objectives in a memorable way, then you should generate valuable brand exposure.

Here are some tips on how to raise brand awareness at a sponsored event:

Don’t overexpose the brand

It is important to try to incorporate a brand into an event organically, rather than it feeling too staged. Otherwise the event will just look like a giant paid advertisement. Try to be light on the amount of logos that you use, or perhaps use them more subtly. Simply putting your name and logo on a wall or banner will not result in long term brand recognition.

You must try to create an exciting event that everyone will enjoy – as long as the brand is there in some capacity, people will still get the message even if it isn’t right in front of them.
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Colour and design play a role in branding

Powerful branding can be something as simple as a colour choice. Indeed, there are some events where the colour palette or design that will be incorporated into the invite and carried through the event are the branding itself. The best way to really get your brand known is by using this Trade Show Booth Design.

You may want to consider customising a range of promotional items for people to take away from the event. Branded shopping bags, mugs and clothing have universal appeal and are likely to be used by recipients long after the event has finished. What’s more, these items may help expose your brand to a wider audience if, for example, recipients use your printed shopping bags on their weekly shopping trip.

Make the most of the event

If you’re not going to be emblazoning your logo on every wall in the event then you must come up with better ways in which to boost brand awareness. How about goodie bags that contain useful business gifts for all attendees? Staff serving drinks and canapes could wear branded cufflinks. You could even scatter promotional sweets on all the tables. For these types of events, it is recommendable to hire a hostess, someone to attend to all of the guests needs.

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Do you have a forthcoming corporate event? How are you planning to maximise brand awareness at the event? We’d love to hear from you – please leave a comment below!


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