The web is filled with a vast amount of information, but only some of it useful and relevant when addressing certain topics. When you are looking to find and share information in a specific niche, you need to find trending stories both on blogs and social media platforms. And many times, this includes following key people (influencers) within that niche.

This is why content curation tools are essential for today’s digital marketers. They make the process of combing the Internet for relevant, useful information so much easier and less tedious. Without these curation tools, you might have to weed through countless topics that aren’t engaging; leading to dead ends.

To help you find the best content online that will engage your audience, these are the best tools for you to use:


BuzzSumo is one of the leading curation tools out there. With it, you can perform a keyword search to find different article/blog topics that are trending as well as influencers by niche (these include bloggers, journalists, companies, etc.). You can see how much each post is trending—it clearly displays everything from the total number of shares, number of links, and overall social media engagement.

It’s an easy to use tool, which let’s you directly navigate and look at each post. And if you are a marketer who’s looking for new topics to cover, this is a useful tool to help you find some creativity… and also anticipate what types of stories are to likely trend currently.

Anders Pink

Anders Pink essentially works using your Twitter feeds. As you follow different people, it will grab the most relevant topics—filtered by topic and time posted. With keyword search, you can get specific information from Twitter, websites, and RSS feeds. You can grasp what audiences want to see and what stories are trending.

Anders Pink let’s you aggregate and organize the content you find. And when you find any content that you’d like to collaborate with, the process it’s easy to do so within private communities and teams. Overall, consider Anders Pink if you want to greatly reduce your content search time from anything trending on Twitter.


UpContent gets right to the point, letting you quickly discover content from different blog posts and news outlets. You have the ability to filter searches by the time published as well as the post’s reach on social media. Your efforts on UpContent will ensure that your audience gets the latest, most popular information on the web—creating exactly the buzz you’d like to see.

However in depth your content curation needs may be, these tools will help you find the best content online— in considerably less time. Be aware that these tools will have a monthly fee to use their services. A simple, secure cost comparison will help you figure out the right solution for your company.

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