A number of companies will try to create the best experience for their clients. However, not so many of them are willing to make the necessary adjustments that will enable them deliver on this promise. As a matter of fact, some do not even realize how much of an inconvenience it can be. Almost every new client would wish to access their site on the go. 

It is essential to come up with variants that are compatible across all screen resolutions. With this, more customers can connect remotely with your company even without using a PC. This is why you will need to optimize your site to be responsive in order to cover a much wider demographic. Why then is it necessary to utilize a responsive HTML 5 website builder for your site?

    1. It is a Google Recommendation

Recently, Google came up with an initiative to optimize their results in a bid to prioritize mobile phone users. Responsive web design is definitely one way you can drive more visitors to your website. One element that is highly regarded as a ranking signal in the scope of internet marketing today is mobile friendliness. More devices are being developed daily and they all come with varying definitions, screen resolutions and different orientations.

These devices may not all be able to hold up the variations in size, functionality and color. However, advanced smartphones and tablets are gaining popularity very fast and almost all of them can conveniently switch from portrait to landscape at the user’s whim. With the hundreds of screen sizes available, it is important for a design that is flexible and cuts across the circumstances of all of them is developed. While this seems a bit overwhelming, it could turn out be the best channel for you to advertise your website. Check out this web design company for a google web designer for your own website.

    1. Increased Mobile Usage

On average, 70% of the population worldwide is accessible to a smartphone. Smartphones are utilized daily by internet users who spend around three hours a day scrolling through social media, browsing through the internet, shopping and even carrying out online banking. It is a proven fact that half of these people consider their smartphone a very convenient device that they can use to connect to the internet from virtually anywhere. For this reason, they tend to spend twice as much time on their smartphones than they do on personal computers and laptops.

This has a direct impact on the view they get of your website. The introduction of 4G has shifted the focus of most people to mobile phones at a rate even greater than before. As a result, subscriptions are skyrocketing to accommodate the increase in usage. This alone should be enough to convince you to take up responsive web design as a means of providing a better and more effective experience for your clients.

    1. Its Endless Benefits

What a responsive website does is that it provides you with pages and content that is automatically fluid and flexible across all the various devices that come with different resolutions. It provides users with an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device used in accessing the website. This includes a minimal amount of resizing, scrolling and ease of navigation. It also improves the experience for users considering that it accommodates all gadgets be it smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs. This implies that users eventually get a more positive picture of your website and that they will come back.

In addition, incorporating responsive HTML5 web design ensures that you only have one website instead of two to appeal to the various needs of your clients. Not only is this a cost effective approach, it also saves on time and money when it comes to the maintenance of the site. All things considered, it makes your website very easy to manage.

    1. Verdict

With regards to web design, it is a bit difficult to keep up with the endless devices and their resolutions that are constantly changing. This makes it close to impractical for sites to create a website version that is able to match each one of these devices. Nevertheless, sites should not compromise losing visitors on one device at the expense of the other.

Responsive web design happens to be the ultimate solution as it is an approach that allows designers and developers to respond to the behaviors of users and their environment on the basis of screen size, orientation and platform.

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