To achieve your business objectives with your website, the content you produce must resonate well with your target audience, thats according to this website . The mark of a good website does not lie in its aesthetic beauty but on the amount of visitors it gets, leads generated and sales made. Website traffic comprises of both new and returning visitors. According to sacramento branding agency have an e-commerce or an informational site, the trick to monetizing the website is by increasing your number of visitors.

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Types of Traffic Generation Techniques


Web traffic generation can be classified into two categories: free and paid traffic. While the financial implication of free visitor generation is low, it involves a lot of work and time. Paid traffic, on the other hand, is expensive but the results are almost immediate. It is usually wise for you to combine both types of traffic advertising to achieve your business objectives within the timeframe you expect. Below are a few more details about free and paid traffic generation.


i) Free traffic generation

If you have a limited marketing budget, you should focus your efforts on gaining as much “free” or organic traffic as possible. Organic traffic advertising methods work on the premise of attracting visitors naturally to your website. Statistics show that most Internet users arrive at websites through search engines. To get free traffic, your website needs to be found on top of such search engine results. Below are a few good practices for optimizing your organic rankings.


• Building search engine friendly sites

• Utilize content marketing

• Publish informative content to naturally advertise on high traffic blogs and forums

• Social media marketing

• Offer an informative newsletter or email blast to keep your current site visitors/users engaged


ii) Paid traffic generation

While traffic advertising techniques to drive visitors to your site organically are efficient in getting visitors to your site, it takes time to see concrete results. Moreover, some of the techniques cannot be quantified in terms of how many visitors they delivered to your site. These gaps left by free traffic generation are filled by paid techniques.


Note: Free traffic generation techniques are considered to be paid traffic if you contract a professional to do them for you.


Paid traffic generation methods are more effective as they are audience-targeted. Some of the most common paid traffic advertising methods include:


• Pay per click (PPC)

• Paid search engine optimization

• Email marketing

• Banner and image advertisements

• Print and broadcast advertisements


Both free and paid traffic advertising techniques have their pros and cons and will work differently for every website. You will have to find the perfect mix of both to get the desired number of visitors to your site. It is advisable to engage a company that specializes in traffic generation. The company should be able to come up with an effective campaign no matter how tight your budget is.  Use the above traffic generation techniques to attract visitors to your site, you’ll be impressed about how fast you can grow your business.


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