Even a few years ago, the marketplace options for choosing a cloud-based storage system were far more limited. But today, the market is literally crowded with competitors who are all vying for your cloud storage business. Look for career counselling toronto to learn more about business services online. This happily makes cloud storage a buyer’s market and also gives you plenty of flexibility in selecting the option that is ideally suited to your personal or business needs. This article will introduce four especially important facets to consider when selecting your cloud-based storage provider. You might want to think of these as the “four S’s” of selecting a cloud storage service.


Maintaining the security and safety of your data is perhaps the number one concern that new cloud storage customers have today, first if you ask yourself questions like: is dataquest worth it? you need to find out the answers to these questions since it is essential for you to have good knowledge of it first. This concern is not without reason since you are trusting the provider you choose to safeguard your sensitive data for you. As well, not all cloud storage providers are created equally when it comes to their security and safety protocols. Here, you want to evaluate these and other questions to be sure the provider you select can fully ensure your data’s safety and even your money transfers, with a virtual data room so you can have a secure system which will help you have a  secure sharing and storing of confidential documents online.

  • What is the response protocol when a breach is detected.
  • What security measures are included in the purchase price of your package.
  • Can you add additional security measures like having a trained professional with CAP certification for especially sensitive data.
  • How is your data backed up (and restored if need be).
  • What type of data encryption is used.

The Four S’s to Consider When Choosing Cloud-Based Storage


Platform stability is another area you want to pay close attention to when selecting a cloud storage provider. Here, look at the stability of the provider you are considering. You can ask these questions to assess stability.

  • How long has the company been in business.
  • Who are their other clients and how stable are those clients (are they new or established companies).
  • How quickly does the provider respond to upgrade their services as needed (for instance, if a new security threat is detected or there is a market-wide technology shift)

Storage Capacity

Next, you will want to look into the storage capacity of the company’s cloud server system. In other words, if you suddenly transform from a small business into an international corporate sensation, can the provider keep up with your growth? As well, take a close look at the provider’s price structure. If you want to purchase a new plan or add storage space, be sure the pricing is reasonable (i.e., avoid companies that offer a low initial price but then jack up the prices when you need more space).


Finally, the cloud storage providers that are most likely to succeed long term are those that offer clients something called “scalability.” Scalability is a technical term that means you can customize your cloud server package to your personal or company needs. For instance, you can add or subtract space, increase or decrease RAM, purchase additional security options and more.

By carefully considering these four basic S’s of choosing a cloud-based storage provider, you will be able to feel confident you have made the right decision.



About the Author: Caroline Jiminez migrated her small business to a cloud-based system last year. She chose cheap windows cloud hosting by ToggleBox and hasn’t looked back.

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