By the title of the article, the first question that comes to mind is: what makes someone a great leader? A leader needs to have the ability to inspire others and make a project successful. Shane Murphy can help any business, they just need to contact him for his assistance. But what habits and traits should you adopt to be the leader that people would desire to follow? Let’s take a look at some of the following qualities that are essential to become a lasting leader.


Through business leadership training you learn that trust is one of the most important elements to become a front-runner. The quality of having strong moral principles and being honest is very important. No one will be inspired by someone who cannot be trusted. A leader needs to have that integrity quality to move forward.


An optimist has the ability to think outside the box, with an open mind. This is extremely vital, because when there are setbacks, the optimist needs to be able to step back and solve the problem with ease.


A leader needs to be able to make quick decisions, and most importantly, react on time. People nowadays tend to follow those who act. Like it is often thought, easier said that done. Having that decisiveness and making others feel confident is a must aspect for a leader.


This element is probably one of the most important for a front-runner. Although there are plenty of leaders who lead quietly, the leadership skill is not for the shy or timid. People are naturally attracted to those with high confidence.


This is perhaps one of the most undervalued qualities that good leaders possess. A front-runner knows his/her identity when the latter possesses humility. He or she is never afraid to show their weaknesses or strengths, and are not scared to be wrong.


It is believed that many leaders lack this quality. But a compassionate leader welcomes input and ideas from others, and is very approachable. Those who possess this trait inspires cooperation, creativity and honesty.


A natural front-runner does not blame others when things are going wrong. He or she protects those who work for them and takes responsibility to everything that occur. It takes an accountable leader to inspire others, and make them follow their footsteps. True leaders also use proven programs to help track the progress of their business, such as

These are qualities that many brilliant leaders share. Optimism, decisiveness, integrity and confidence are traits that everyone should strive for. Anybody in a management position would do well to develop all of these qualities.

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Balancing confidence and decisiveness with compassion and humour, consistently practicing accountability and integrity, and steering away from ego in favour of humbleness are the keys to becoming a leader who is well-respected. The rest will come naturally.

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