The internet offers numerous opportunities and tools for young learners and their educators, like marketing strategies which include search engine optimization tips, for the future business, these are tools that if learnt properly can help build a future for young learners. Read about the top 5 learning tools on the internet.


For young students and their teachers the world over, the web offers countless opportunities for growth. Files and other material can be shared smoothly among peers, flash cards can be made, and most importantly, they let you do away with having to cram everything up.

What are the Top 5 Learning Tools Today?

Google Drive

Regarded as one of the best ever cloud services offered for free, Google Drive can be used to store and access saved files, create graphics and forms, and allows for peer editing. As a result, files stay synced and emailing attachments is replaced by sharing them.


The social network for teachers, Edmodo can be used to create and host class groups, post projects, access and share material. It affords optimum safety and security and does not require member email addresses. The teachers are required to register for free to be able to create groups for their class.


Helping to organize digital content in a smooth way, Evernote is available on laptop, phones and tablets. It is a cloud-based note taking system that helps to synchronize content across several devices. Using tutorials available on the Evernote website, anyone can make learning much more organized.


A cloud storage device for learners and teachers alike, Dropbox can synchronize files in no time and the files are accessible from any device one uses. It is extremely useful in the sense that it can let multiple people and devices share files seamlessly. It is free!


This is one tool that will increase the engagement of students in the classroom. A smart student response system, it helps increase the levels of involvement of students and teachers on almost every device. In the background, student performance is tracked and real time data provided.

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