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You may not realize it but white space plays a massive role when designing websites. Most designers overlook this aspect of web designing and although it is not a rule set in stone, it is always a better idea to use more white space for the layouts of your web design as it lends a much cleaner overall look to it. Essentially, designers believe that a website’s sole information is to propel out as much information as it possibly can to help people learn more about a business’ products or services. While giving out information is important, doing it in a way that does not look too cluttered is also very crucial.

One clear reason as to why certain web designers refrain from using white space in their web design is simply because of their ignorance and the absence of information pertaining to the varied benefits that white space provides any website. Therefore, when creating stunning websites for fasteasywebsites.com, it is best that you make use of ample white space. Given below are some excellent reasons as to why your web design must have adequate white space.

1.)   It gives your visitors a chance to interact with you:

It goes without saying that the visitors that come across your website are extremely impatient and need quick results as they have several other options to choose from. When a website has adequate white space, it gives the visitors a direction to follow. Besides, in the presence of adequate white space, the possibility of the visitors taking quick action increases tenfold. It is a usual visitor psychology to skim through the content on any website. Therefore, if you offer far too much information, it is likely to leave the visitors ambiguous. Instead, if you space the content liberally and offer little information on each page, it will work wonders for your website as the visitor will be able to make up his mind quickly without any other distraction.

2.)   It gives more weight age to the content and other objects that form part of the web page:

Usually, if a visitor is an experienced one, he is likely to ignore the existence of banners and pop up ads on a website. However, in the absence of white space, every element that accompanies the copy may seem like an advertisement and this may spell a potential loss for you as your visitors refuse to click on a link that is not really an advertisement but something related to your product or service. Therefore, white space helps counter this problem as it helps lay emphasis solely on the content and the links that you feel the users should visit. Essentially, white space helps to highlight the most important content on your website.

3.)   White space does not necessarily have to include the white colour:

One of the greatest misconceptions of the term white space is the fact that most amateur designers believe it to be the white colour in a website. This is far from truth. Essentially, white space has got absolutely nothing to do with colour but it is the empty space between two characters that form part of a website. Therefore, you can experiment with several different colour schemes and other creative elements, provided that you keep the design minimalistic and use white space liberally when creating websites for fasteasywebsites.com.

4.)   Gives the visitors proper direction:

Essentially, white space helps draw attention to a particular element simply because the overall web design looks much cleaner and non – cluttered. Therefore, white space also helps direct your visitors to a particular section of your website. This is effectively carried out by using padding around the various elements of the website.

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Rick Dior is a freelance web designer and is known for his creative custom website designs for fasteasywebsites.com and other clients across several website creation platforms. He is completely self – taught and loves using myriad colour schemes.

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